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Option to buy back your goods with great rates

Helping you to raise funds easily and quickly

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If you need to raise some quick cash, then you can count on the professional team here at Richard Barks.


We will buy all types of jewellery, ranging from rings and necklaces, all the way to watches and bracelets and high-end electrical items. We will give you the option of a 1-month period in which to buy them back, where we will keep hold of your items, not sell them to anyone else and you will only have to pay the original price plus a small additional amount.  


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Modern life can indeed by expensive, and that's something the team here fully understand. From the latest fashions, to the trendiest tastes, things can start to pile up.


With our Buy Back service, you have a quick and easy way to raise some quick funds that you can spend on anything you like.

Buy Backs you can trust to give you the rates you deserve. Get in touch on:.

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