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Fast and secure cheque cashing in Nottingham

Don't delay, get your cash today

Superb commission rates offered

When you're in need of some hard cash, and you've got a pay cheque lying around, it make sense to pop on down and let us help.


Not only that, but any sort of cheque that you'd like to get instant money from, such as birthday or Christmas gifts, we can help with that too.


We're Nottingham's first choice for quick cash solutions.

We pride ourselves on being the first choice in Nottingham for people wanting to get their hands on fast cash.


For cheques up to £500, our rate is as low as 4%. For cheques of £2000 and above, it's a minimal 2.5%. You'll struggle to find a more affordable cheque service in the city.  

When you get paid by cheque, why wait for it to clear? Call Richard Barks today, on:

0115 922 5790